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Adjusting Your Snorkel

First, put the whole mouthpiece inside your mouth.

Firmly bite down on the bite tabs.

Use your lips to seal the tube to avoid water leaking in.

Lesson 2 Let's practice breathing with snorkel!

When snorkeling, you will only be breathing through your mouth. For young kids to get used this, try giving them a straw to sing their favorite song through. Make sure you have a camera close by. 

Practice by pinching your nose and only breathing through your mouth

With your mask and snorkel on, try breathing through the snorkel.

With your mask and snorkel on, place your face in the water and breathe.

Lesson 3 Let's master the snorkel clear!

Just because you have a snorkel, this doesn’t mean you can breathe under water. Water can still enter through the top of the snorkel if a wave comes or if it dips below the surface. To avoid swallowing water, you will need to clear the snorkel. The “snorkel clear” is the technique of exhaling “HUH” and blowing any water in the pipe, either out through the top or through the purge at the base (not all snorkels come with a purge valve).

Start by filling your snorkel with water.

With the water still in it, hold the mouthpiece, push the tongue against the mouthpiece and exhale from your belly. If water jumps out from the tip of the snorkel, the snorkel clear is a success!

Then you can practice by wearing the mask and snorkel. When you get used to it. For kids, you may want to try this in the bathtub with some toys they can view under the surface.